Hi guys hope all is well in your world. Looking forward to seeing you if you do not like red I have many other colours to titalate. Is there a payoff for sending up the color red? For women, if you want to capture the attention of a potential partner, wearing red is an excellent way to accomplish this. In fact, in one study, women carrying red laptop computers were all rated more attractive than those carrying silver, black, or blue.

A red scarf, a red dress, or red lips are going to be just as effective in the non-experimental, real world in which we live. Yes please bring it on.

Men in Red

If you are a man eager to send off a signal of competence and power, then red is the way to go for you. Men who choose red are sending out the message that they are winners and not to be underestimated by their opponents. Men traditionally find power through strength, attitude, and aggression and red is the color that emphasizes these traits. Women are more likely to see red as indicating aggression, whereas men attribute both aggression and dominance to the color when worn by other males. However, when seen through an evolutionary lens, women would optimally choose mates who had the courage and willingness to aggress against enemies

Two Tales of one colour

So, when it comes down to it, wearing red does have hidden powers. Regardless of gender red clothing gets you noticed and increases the likelihood that you will be thought attractive by potential partners. Men come across as strong and virile and women are viewed as healthy and attractive. Depending on where you’re going and who you’re going meet, choose your attire with care – you wouldn’t want to invite the wrong kind of attention if you could help it perhaps I would

Kitty There is a shade of Red for every woman I am one of them .xx

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