I love my Basque but I also love all my sexy clothes and adornments they make me feel special and i like to treat all my clients special and hope you all feel after your visit.

Historically speaking a basque was used during certain eras in history to elongate and smooth the figure with gentle enhancement and typically gave the breasts a lifted, but somewhat flattened appearance. It was stiff and had boning, some with laces, but was not meant to completely shape like a corset.


Basques are also much more likely to have straps than corsets, there are some corsets styles around now that have straps but on the whole basques are much more likely to have straps than corsets are.


The other major difference is that corsets have boning in them and they also have lacing at the back which a basque doesn't do. So a basque will hug your natural shape whereas a corset can cinch in your waist and if you love that kind of accentuated hour-glass figure then a corset is gonna help to create that in away that a basque won't.

There are big differences in the boning that corsets have. So, if something is described as a fashion corset it most likely has plastic boning, and that's not gonna be as strong as steel boning.

A proper corset will also, at the back, have a modesty panel on the inside, so no matter how loosely you lace that corset, it's never gonna be lacing directly across your skin.

Who needs a corset I have a good body to show off to you so my laces are ready to be loosened.

Life’s to short to wear mediocre underwear

Kitty see her in her corset or out of it both good xxx

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