Some times I like to give out a hot tip or two to my lovely randy friends about various items of my body that I like to have touched, why do I say that, I like all of my beautiful body touched.

Hot tips for Inner Thighs

That soft protected area on the inside of my thighs from above the knee to my crotch (a horrible word) Vaginal area.

This area inner thighs in case you did not know is a hot bed of sexy sensations and of course the higher up the inner thigh you go the hotter it gets. Caress inner thighs lightly press firmly tickle gently. Run your tongue over this sensitive area (did you know about this) suck and nibble the spot where the inner thigh meets the vagina is the most responsive to erotic stimulation so spend some quality time there go further up before arriving at my now wet vagina.

When you touch and kiss my inner thigh OMG

Kitty Lucky you and me. Xxxx

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