Hi all my lovely lads and lasses hope you are all well. There used to be an old saying guys and girls don’t make passes to people in glasses, these days with the gorgeous styles people actually want to wear them even if they do not need them. At school you were called specky four eyes.

From a mans point of view Generally speaking I like glasses on all people, so long as the glasses suit them. For some women this can make them even sexier than they already are, for most it makes them look more intelligent than minus them, some look harsher, some look kookier, it all depends on the person and the glasses.

Women in glasses look hot I look hot in mine and the important thing is I am hot They give me a intellectually look boys may like dumb girls but men like smart women. I love it when one of my clients likes Role play when its the secretary look.

You can opt for contact lenses or just walk around half-blind all day: to avoid wearing any glasses which can make one look sexier

Thats right there is the whole mystique behind women who wear glasses -- the allure, if you will. It’s the implied intellect. I’m sure every adolescent male has had a fantasy of some brainy woman in glasses -- probably one of his own teachers -- giving him a Blow Job and asking to “SEE HER AFTER CLASS” (potentially with a lipstick stain adjacent).

The idea of nerdy, intellectual women with a "naughty" side will always appeal to men. For centuries, however, glasses have been the focal point (no pun intended) of many other stereotypes, too -- some that aren’t as desirable as I am .

Come visit me and as a good secretary always does I will take something down

Kitty always a pleasure xx

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