Kitty Collins


Kitty Collins Britol Escort

Horse Play

Hi guys hope you are all well and enjoying your sexual adventures whatever they may be!! I don’t know if many of you go horse riding and get turned on by a lady in Jodhpurs and black boots with or without a whip in hand.


Suits you sir

I know not all men feel comfortable in suits and, hence, end up looking and acting awkward and ridiculous. If you can’t pull a suit off, better stick to jeans and a shirt, which, when worn with confidence, can still be super attractive.


The Mattress Matters

Hi Guys and Girls, When it comes to sex, I like to make my bedroom a blissful paradise. It’s not just about the curtains or the mood lighting, the type of mattress you have can make sex fun or very uncomfortable. Here is what I look and have in a mattress if you are interested in spicing up your sex life join me on my mattress!!


Prostitutes Whores and Escorts

Hi Guys words that over the years mean one thing but are called different names but what’s in a name, my mother used to say sticks and stones hurt my bones but names will never hurt me!!


If you have them..

Five well known words for big breasts there are many more Baps, Bristols, Bazookas. Bosoms Chest and Bust. I am sure you will know lots more? The more Vulgar words Tits Titties and Jugs men like them no matter what they are called. I like mine too.


Windows to the soul

I love eye contact it is one of the most intimate acts in the bedroom

If there is one thing I love in the bedroom apart from the naughtiness it is eye contact, I find eye contact with my partner excites my passion and enables a connection.


What the colour of your panties mean

Colours play a huge part in setting the mood, and are a big part of non-verbal communication. Both men and women are very visual and will notice vibrant shades and eye-catching hues, whether it’s in clothing, interior design or products. They say that colour represents something about our personality, or the way we’re feeling at that given time.



There’s lots to love about women of a certain age, while a young body may catch a mans eye, often it’s the experience and maturity of an older woman they secretly crave.


Ravishing or Ravished you choose

A really messed up oxymoron It can mean to fill with joy, delight, charm, captivate attract. QUITE contrarily, it can also mean to rape. How these things are congruent enough to where they are described in one word, I do not know.


Tantric Tricks

Hi Lovers of the world hope every one is keeping safe. I thought in case you did not know I do a wonderful massage and even Tantric come along and try it.


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