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Sexual Feeling

Someone or something which is  sexually attractive causes a stirring of sexual feelings and/or thoughts in others, is arousing . People can be described as sexy due to their physical appearance, behaviour, personality and other stuff. Variety the spice of life.


One Track Mind

Hi lads and lasses hope we are all staying safe and enjoying some freedom. Looking forward to some physical action touchy feely stuff (I love it).

I am the type of girl that can find something sexy in just about anything. The reason for this is that my sexuality is the organising context for my thoughts


Its a Fine Line

Hi you sexy people, hope you are staying safe. Checked the weather today and it was 16 degrees not hot and not cold, checked out my wardrobe and decided I needed an update, something sexy and slinky (like me).



Hi all you sexy people hope your love life is good if not let me help. A friend of mine told me about an experience she had once with a girl and once with a male, I must admit I had not heard of this before and I thought I knew it all!! Let me explain.


Erotic Charades

HI all my friends who like to play games it is fun so come along and visit me and lets get physical.

A friend of mine came to visit me I had not seen him for a while but he was always up for a bit of slap and tickle. He wanted to play erotic charades, I was not sure what this meant but after the games I enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it with you so here goes enjoy.


A mans dreams so they say…

Hi lovers of the world unite lets have a love fest that will warm us up, turn the central heating on full then lets get down and dirty, I await a visit I have a treat for you. I had a friend pay me a visit (male of course) and of course there is always conversation some time during the visit some interesting some eye opening.


Fabulous Foreplay

Hi fans and friends hope all is well and you are enjoying the things you love.  I am enjoying the things I love one of them is foreplay.  Foreplay is the theme  this week .  Most men are very nervous about foreplay.  They vaguely understand that they do not spend enough time with it but are uncertain  as to how to. Remedy the situation. 


Nailed it

Hi  companions and slaves  Here's a shocker: Men have opinions!! when it comes to our nails but I. do what I want don’t  I  (you may answer)and you slaves do what I want. I believe that people do notice nails I feel more attractive when my nails are done and I like to run them over your body I am sure you would like that too


Snakes and ladders

Hi slaves  so we all remember our compendium of games when we were young?  I never thought I would use them again (I was wrong). here are many sex games that we can play but this particular friend of mine he had a thing about Snakes and ladders  (No not trouser snakes) the game which is usually part of the compendium of games he was rather into tiddlywinks but that is another story!! 


Winter warm ups

Hi you rampant ravers I hope  this cold weather has not dampened your ardour  and you are finding some pleasures.   I thought I would mention it as everyone I meet at the moment is talking about the weather, although it is a good reason not to take off your clothes I know ways where you will want to undress me and to hell with the consequences. 


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