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Kitty Collins

A Bunch a Day

Hi all my lovely sexy gang of admirers.  Hope you are staying safe.  I miss you all and look forward to seeing you soon. 

A friend of mine brought me some roses they thought (I do not know why)it was my birthday, it was not but what a lovely gesture.  I love flowers all colours but my favourite is Red and I love pearls, not the kind you are thinking of!! (Thats another story). I usually only get on Valentine’s Day if I am lucky the thing is I never find out who sent them but I thank them anyway.

It’s probably safe to say there’s no more prevalent or enduring symbol of love and beauty in Western culture than red roses . These fragrant blooms come in varying shades of red, which also carry different symbolic meanings.

History of Red Roses.

The red rose began its illustrious symbolic history in Greek and Roman iconography, where it was tied to Aphrodite, or Venus, the goddess of love. Throughout its long, storied history, the red rose still reigns as the ultimate symbol of passionate affection.

Roses by the Numbers.

A single Rose of any colour depicts utmost devotion (meanie) Two Roses entwined together mean “Marry me” ( I never get those) Six Roses signify a need to be loved or cherished (sometimes) Eleven roses assure the recipient they are adored (mmmm) Thirteen roses indicate a secret admirer (I like those). Roses are often given to people you care about. the Roses beauty gives pleasure, but the thorns bring pain. They smell nice too.

Always available to except a bunch of Roses any colour I will get the message.

Kitty Lets get thorny oh I mean horny.  You and roses are always welcome xx