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Bag shoes and makeup

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Bag shoes and makeup

I often get requests to wear lingerie and stockings and I love to wear classy lingerie and feel stockings on my long legs, in a word when dressed in stockings and suspenders I feel sexy and naughty.
Some of you guys have asked me if I enjoy wearing my lingerie the answer I really do!!

When I was a little girl about the age of 10  used to love playing dress up, my auntie  who was very glamorous, she  used to give me her  shoes  and bags she wore lots of jewellery (not too interested  in Jewellery unless it was expensive) and make up I loved being with her.   I have even as a young girl I admired ladies that dressed up and wore make up.

I would often go into my older sisters wardrobe and drawers, she was a lot older than me and wore beautiful under wear. On one such dressing up event my sister had not put her clothes including under wear away properly and I found it.

I decided to try it on. After a few attempts of not sure how this goes I figured it and I was soon dressed and felling very grown up I walked around my bedroom looking for some heels to wear, I felt sophisticated, sexy and very mature dressed like this. This was one of my early influences into the world of feeling sexy. I have always as long as I can remember been interested in sex and everything that goes with it. When I was about 16 and started dating there was only one thing to wear. Yes you guessed it my sisters  lingerie!!! Well you can imagine how embarrassed I felt when I got caught with it and had to explain.

My  sister. was very good to me and took me into town and bought me my first set which I  wore for my boyfriend, who I can tell you was very turned on. From that day I have never felt properly dressed unless I have my stocking and suspenders on and I have a true love of all things lace, satin and silk and still feel very sexy when I wear it. Stilettos are my favourite foot wear they are the epitome of sexual items that I love.  

Kitty: I also love leopard print so a big meow from your very own Sex Kitten I like to be stroked xx