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Kitty Collins

Bottles and Balls

Hi you sexy devils how are your horns I would like to see them sometime soon, in the meantime stay safe.  While this weather is so bad at the moment I  decided to bring some exercise into my bedroom to get into shape for future events and get hot and bothered one way or the other (we have choices). 

here are lots of sexy things I or We can do with some of the equipment but at the moment  I am using them to tone up  my sexy hot body.  An exercise ball has many various positions you can use 

Once you're working to a quicker, more intense bounce, a little bit of lube goes a long way when adjusting to wild new angles. Helping bodies slip and slide together using a silky lube, which also doubles up as a massage oil if the passion all gets a bit too much slide off and get jiggy with it on the floor,  passion knows no bounds.

LOOKING to liven things up in this cold weather and have a really hot time, a pink rubbery thing I always have nearby on these cold nights my water bottle when he gets between my legs its heaven!!  Well, it could be the sex toys you never knew you needed.  The ball,   perfect for adding a little extra bounce into some classic positions,  the hot water bottle  is perfect for hitting those sensual spots. Because sometimes, you just have to roll with it.

Kitty They say continental people have sex lives and the English have hot water bottles little do they know visit and find out xx