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Kitty Collins

Eggsciting things with eggs

Hi Choccie lovers hope Easter came up with your eggspectations enough of this egg humour.  I do like a chocolate or two in moderation and I know some people like to be covered in it and have it licked off (dont get my juices going).  Hoping we can have more choccie fun in the future!!   My favourite is?  You guessed it eating it.

The Latin name for chocoholic means Food of the Gods for a reason, it is a heavenly way to. lift your performance Oh La La bring on the Choccies.


Rabbits are known to have sex…a lot. So do what the rabbits do. To spice it up, try positions you may have always wanted to try but never have, I am willing if you are. 

Make this Easter a little sexier than the past ones. Be adventurous, have fun and now that Lent is over, enjoy eating meat on Fridays. Or any day of the week. You know what I mean. I do like a bit of meat and two veg (an old one but still funny) 

See I told you there are lots of things to do with eggs

Kitty.  Always a pleasure just like eating chocolates so lets get chomping xxx