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Fun in the sun

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Fun in the sun

Hi everyone all set for summer, however you spend it hope it is a good one.  I love summer the warmth of the sun on my body just the medicine you need for a Summer of love.  

My friend was invited to a Ladies night  a sort of summer garden party where women and men can meet up and who knows what can happen.  Ladies night is an evening where women are given free or reduced admission to a nightclub.

The idea is utterly genius: Ladies nights are mainly to attract women who come in for the free drinks while the men come in to see the women, hoping they could land a date, or a one night stand with someone. This ensures that the men keep coming in and spending money while trying to woo the ladies,   a bit like a singles night (I think) not really been but my friends love them the only thing was it was in New York!!  OMG not doing it, so off they went without me!!

On their return they never stoped talking about how Fabulous a time they had so we looked to find one for Christmas in Los Angeles still looking  will let you know fun and frolics must be on the menu .  

In the meantime I will be investing in some exotic beach wear to show off my sexy body,  with this weather report predicting it will be Hot Hot Hot not only the weather but Me Me Me.  

Kitty: Hot or not you can still hit the spot xx