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Kitty Collins

I am a brazen Hussy

Hi Guys hope you are all keeping safe or at least trying to. I miss our chats friendship and other social intercourse times together.

When I was a young girl my mother often called me a Brazen Hussy I was not sure of the meaning but I liked the name.

What does it mean when someone calls you a hussy?

A hussy is a woman or girl who’s disrespectful or immoral. Your old fashioned grandmother might call your brother’s live-in girlfriend a hussy. The noun hussy is an insulting and somewhat antique way to refer to a woman whose actions don’t line up with traditional ideas of being respectable.

Kitty What is a female tart?

An open pie that usually has a sweet filling (such as fruit or custard) a woman who wears very sexy clothing and has sex with many men. I must be a tart!! Come over for a piece Xx