Kitty Collins

I like both

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I like both

Hi my friends, not sure if  I am a bad girl or a good girl today (I like being both) I wonder which one you prefer? A bad girl  is completely at ease and accepting  of all the various facets of her sexual personality she knows what she likes how she likes it and who she likes it with and is free to be completely wild within.

I used to imagine a world where you were sexually confident physically uninhibited and as intensely orgasmic as I had always wanted to be, and that is exactly where I am and loving every minute of it.Inside every good girl is a bad girl struggling to get out.  Bad girls  know no shame bad girls are comfortable in their bodies bad girls always feel gorgeous and desirable.

I had my reasons for being so good but I left that passionless world behind and broke all the rules.

When one door closes another door opens and the door that had opened for me was the door to  a sexual future, long may it last for you and me.

We know there are different t blood types Type O, Type A, Type B etc and there are different  skin types (combination, oily and dry) so therefore ther are different sexual types and each of these types has a very different way of thinking about sex.  Just as it is important to know your blood or skin type in order to effectivlely treat a condition you may have, it is imperative to know what sexual  type you  are for the very same reason.

Kitty Good girls or bad girls I can do both and very well!!   Xx