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Kitty Collins

Knickers or Panties

Hi all you ravers hope you are all staying safe. Things are starting to look up or get up and things may be coming down hence my blog Knickers.

Last week end I decided to clear out my underwear draw you may think how boring but every pair had a story to tell and oh what stories!! so many colours and styles. I then thought you might be interested in the history of the humble knickers

Knickers the correct terminology for a womens undergarments, the undergarment which is not a bra. Other names are given for different styles of Knickers as seen below.

  • The thong
  • Granny Panties
  • Bloomers
  • Undies
  • Panties
  • G string
  • Briefs

And many others I am sure you will all have a favourite one and colour.

Knickers gained iconic status with Marilyn Monroe

The elegant style of French knickers gained iconic status in 1955, thanks to the film Seven Year Itch. As Marilyn Monroe’s stunning white dress was blown upwards by a passing train, revealing her Hanro undergarments, these female panties became an icon of sophistication and class. The image haS inspired fashion for decades.

Did you know that before 1918 women did not actually wear knickers. The year 2018 triumphantly marks 100 years since modern female underwear was invented by the French and it is an invention of elegance and practicality well worth celebrating. The French have always been Famous for their elegance, style and poise, so it’s little surprise that lingerie is actually a French invention – as the name might suggest. The idea first came to Pierre Valton exactly 100 years ago, in 1918. He pioneered the simple cotton knickers with the elasticated waist that today bring women around the world comfort and convenience.

The size has gradually been reduced over the decades, replaced by the trend of the thong in the 1990s. In contemporary collections, pants have made a comeback, especially with the rise of feminism, focusing more on female comfort rather than the male gaze (I prefer the male gaze).

My friend male, requested I wear edible knickers. He took them off and he ate them. I know, I couldn’t believe it, he just Chewed and swallowed. It really Freaked me out he buys them for me now as he is partial to certain flavours and not all sweet.

Don’t get your knickers in a knot it solves nothing and makes you sit funny

Kitty Are you hungry? guess which ones I am wearing today, come see for yourself. Xx