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Kitty Collins

Masking it

Hi there followers hope all is ok with you and you are staying safe. I have been donning a face mask and rubber gloves and I have to say I rather like it, of course my mask is rather glamorous as I am so we make a good combination. If you are going to wear a mask have a Chanel one I wish I had a bag to go with it.

The first facial mask was invented in England during the 18th century by Madame Rowley, the first “face glove” a mask which was beneficial for anyone who wanted to ‘bleach, purify and preserve the complexion’ of the skin. A sheet mask is a creamy or thick pasted mask applied to clean or smoothen the face.

Interested in trying some role play or dress up in the bedroom? Then be sure to try it with a sexy mask! Masks are quickly becoming a must-have accessory for looking to add some spice to proceedings, with a range of amazing styles to suit every


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Kitty Keep calm and mask on with me xx