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My Dressing Service

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My Dressing Service

I would like to introduce you to my Gentlemens Dressing Service.

I am very excited about this, being a women, I have the luxury of being able to dress in wonderful soft, silky, variant coloured Lingerie. I would like to share this with you!

Fantasy Role Play can be fun, and I can also offer a makeup service for the full effect!
* I have a collection of soft lingerie in all sizes to fit, beautiful colours, amazingly soft, silky and sensual.
* To accompany this suspender belts, stockings, holdups and tights.
* I also have Silky Dresses, Wigs
If this is something you have done before, or have always been intrigued by this, but have been too shy, or did not know where to go, come and join me in the privacy of my Boudoir.

The definition of a male to female cross-dressing service.  It is the name for a service that provides clothing for an individual that is often meant for another gender.  At the crossdressing service we provide clothing and accessories make up and forms of beauty therapy and treatments.  It’s about the way a person dresses rather than his/her sexual preferences or gender identity.

There are number of different looks for example:

  • Glamorous
  • Sophisticated
  • Bride
  • Girl next doorTarty


I will take you deep in to feminsation and everything that it brings for you, whether it is servitude, submission, control dominance, role play, femininity or sensuality  I have a beautiful space ready for you.  A place where you can let go and you can explore the delights of being the female you have always yearned to be.  Imagine having the opportunity to bring this part of you to life and to feel supported in becoming feminised, how does that feel?  

Do not stress cross dress.  People may stare make it worth their while xx