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Kitty Collins

Rubbing your crystal balls

Hi Zodiac  Lovers, not everyone believes in the Zodiac traits of some star signs, Having said that I have experienced everything these star signs like to do.  Bring along your Crystal Ball and we can give it a rub and see what happens better, if you have two balls!!  I am good at rubbing.  

Predicting the future or imagining in a fortune-telling manner as one does with a crystal ball. Actual crystal ball typically used when crystal balling

  • Crystal balling, Just to help him see what he’s been missing.
  • Crystal Balling, To bedazzle or glue shiny things to your testicles.

ARIES: As the prime and primal sign of the Zodiac, Aries finds pleasure in raw and high-adrenaline experiences. They can count musky scents, bed knocking (as in knocking the bed against the wall, floor and, if really gifted, the ceiling), morning sex, hair-pulling and wrestling among their fetishes.

TAURUS Drawn to sensual experiences, Taureans want to have the whole enchilada in any encounter. They tend to enjoy the big and beautiful, anything involving food and sex, deep kissing, hickies (as Taurus rules the neck), and of course, chocolate.

GEMINI: The busiest sign of the zodiac zips into full throttle thrills by fixating on objects and activities that move fast and furious. You can count on them keeping their short-spanned attention on a pair of hands, oral sex, lipstick, tickling, high-speed sex, sex toys and witty banter.

CANCER:  You'll stroke a Cancer's fetish bone if you have anything that reminds them of feeling loved. They tend to adore breasts, leather (since it hugs the body), nipple-play, belly-rubbing, fur, sucking, role-playing as an airline attendant or nurse, and hotel rooms – giving them that home-away-from-home feeling. 

LEO:  Primal pomp and ceremony and some measure of exhibitionism are what make a Leo's mane stand on end. So they love long or big hair, biting, scratching, flirting, sex on the beach, bragging and strip teasing.

Kitty,  Focus on what’s yet to come there is plenty,  rather than what has been and gone  xx