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Kitty Collins


Snowballing: Forming balls out of snow to be thrown at your friends in fun, or enemies in anger. There is a naughty meaning to this snowballing but you will have to visit me to find out !!

Hi all  hope you are enjoying the weather I thought I would mention it as everyone I meet at the moment is talking about the weather, although it is not a good reason to take off your clothes and run an ice lolly over yourself (shiver shiver).  I have a Willie Warmer.

Ever wonder why kids go nuts for snow while adults tend to see it as a pain in the ass? It doesn’t have to be this way.  I am here to help you rediscover the many wonders of a snowy day.  Lets have some fun and we can do it with  snow this winter:

What has happened to our seasons you knew you could come and see me in the winter for a snuggle to get warm have some fun with my Hot Water Bottle and some hot Gluh Wine (if required) and you still can.

Remember Summer Time weather we could take all our clothes off to cool down then get all hot again with some Summer Sex and a glass of Pimms with a cucumber (in the drink or whatever) Vegetables are good for you no matter what you do with them.

In this inclement weather I don’t know whether to get the Hot Water Bottle or the cucumber out but whatever the weather I can think of plenty naughty things we can do together and you may have some kinky ideas yourself.

Don’t be shy don’t walk on by I will be waiting in my high heels and stockings whatever the weather come and enjoy some adult fun with your naughty and very sexy companion Kitty

Kitty You do not have to be naked to be sexy but it helps.