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Strip Poker

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Strip Poker

Hi card players and strippers hope all is well and if the weather stays hot much longer we will all be stripping.  

There is no certainty about where and when the game of Strip Poker originated, some believe it was first played in Brothels of New Orleans in the 19th century.

The "mixed strip poker", where both male and female players are present, originated in England during the Great Depression as a form of erotic entertainment. The game was mostly played in unlicensed casinos, which often also operated as brothels. Still, Draw Poker remained the most common form of the game. 
I'd be surprised if it's not the London's Soho where the Mixed Strip was first played.

I did have a client who liked to play cards especially strip poker but I had to make it that he won every time!! We even played snap I was allowed to win that.   The best one was blow foot ball (does anyone remember that)?  Covered in spit but it was not the football I ended up blowing nudge nudge wink wink.  One Christmas  my strip poker  buddy brought a present,  a compendium of games but a raunchy edition,  we had some fun and frolics. It is strange in this line of work some people disappear and you never hear from them again and yes I do wonder what happens to them.  

Kitty: Strip poker even when you lose you win. Lets strip the night away you know you want to xx