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Kitty Collins

Toasty Willies

Hi lovely clients It’s the season to be merry have fun be naughty although it should be like that most of the time and most of the time it is.

A Willie warmer (no not me but it has been said )A nicely knitted coat made to keep your willy nice and toasty when it starts to get cold outside.

Well Christmas is coming soon and it will be presents (I hope) I took to thinking how cold it gets and perhaps a bit of central heating between my male clients legs might help to keep the erection going as Jack Frost loves to spoil things.

I have decided to buy all my male friends a Willie Warmer. A willy warmer (or cock sock) is a man’s garment designed to fit over the penis. The Willy Warmer is the perfect aid to defeat shrinkage and keep the privates warm for when it is really cold outside. Brrr. I can think of lots of ways to warm a willie Being a Mature Escort we know about those things

Someone’s stole my Willy Warmer from the washing line!! I’m not bothered about the warmer, I just want the 10 pegs back.

Have a great time and I wish you all the best and to see you soon.

Kitty: your favourite Christmas Cracker I love a good bang xxx