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Sex Toys

Hi Guys and Ladies hope you are all staying strong and safe. I have written a blog regarding Sex Toys as most of us are isolating it might be the time to order a few on line as the shops are closed for the time being, jigsaws. Just don’t do it for me!!


Choc around the cock oops I mean clock

Guys and Gals Easter has come and gone and there may be some chocolate hanging around but not in my house I did eat some chocolate in various forms and tastes. The topic of including chocolate in sexual act has often been an arousing subject for both sceptics and chocolate enthusiasts around the world.



Hi Guys if you have ever been to Bingo you will know what legs 11 means if not try it, not for everyone I would rather play hunt the thimble and we all know what that can lead to. I am not bragging but I have often been told how lovely my legs are and I rather think so too.


UROLAGNIA Water Sports

Good morning my lovelies nice to see you back this year let us make it a good one. I have a client today who is ready for a piss up meaning he likes water sports, although I enjoy this fetish I wonder why he does.


Basque with me

Hi fellow isolators hope you are all safe and strong keeping all your energy for me when eventually it is all over (not to long I hope)


Be Safe

Hi to all my lovely clients. Please be safe and stay strong. Rome was not built in a day but eventually the Virus will go away


Pleasing Men

Hi pleasure seekers I love to please as some of you know and of course I do enjoy being pleased too. Lot of clients use their skills on me. For the most part, I never had to use any particular skill to please them, I just do what comes naturally.


Box of Tricks

Lies, myths and misconceptions about sex toys abound. Needless to say, most of them are not true. However, I always treat concerns seriously especially when it comes to sex. I am always prepared to deal with just about anything, including feelings of inadequacy, emotional discomfort and ignorance. Below are some common attitudes about sex toys.


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