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I like both

Hi my friends, not sure if  I am a bad girl or a good girl today (I like being both) I wonder which one you prefer? A bad girl  is completely at ease and accepting  of all the various facets of her sexual personality she knows what she likes how she likes it and who she likes it with and is free to be completely wild within.


Clitoris, the pleasure enhancer

It’s little wonder that the penis receives the vast amount of attention in research and under the sheets. The male sexual organ isn’t just external. It’s also attached to what has historically been considered the dominant sex.



Missed Out

Hi lovely Gentlemen and ladies I love Satin sheets but most clients never actually get into the bed just on top so they never get to see and feel my satin sheets, I am more than willing to show you them, to me they are so sexual just the feel and touch send shivers down my spine and that is something I would like to do for you.   My friend had tickets for this Lingerie show but I could not make it so perhaps next time. 


Good time girls

Hi all you folk out there enjoying this lovely weather?  People are happier and sexier when the sun shines. 

My friend and I thought we would enjoy a picnic in the park…


The Peoples Harlot

From penniless orange seller to wealthy mistress of the Charles II, Nell Gwyn’s wit and charm endeared her as a darling of society and a symbol of a more fun-loving and lavish England. Hers is story of rags to riches and back again..



Your Crowning Glory

Hi Easter Bunnies all over for another year no more choccies and plenty of exercise (you know the kind)if our hair does not look good no amount of trying to convince you otherwise will work,  no amount of glamorous dresses will not look right without the hair being perfect.


Stuffing my face for Easter

Hi Chocolate lovers it is that time of year again but as I wish to keep my sexy figure I will not stuff my beautiful face with chocolate, I may be open to other ideas for stuffing but not always chocolate.  There are many sexual things to be done with chocolate but it can be messy

I thought a little biology lesson regarding actual rabbits. Not made of chocolate 


The Scent of Desire

Sex has been the basis of selling scent for decades. Sure, one wants to smell good for the sake of personal hygiene and confidence, but wanting to attract the opposite (or same) sex also plays a role in us reaching for certain fragrances over others, or even scenting our bodies at all. However, funnily enough, the body odour we are born with will always waft through, no matter how much deodorant or perfume we splash on.


Quickie, yes or no?

Hi my lovelies hope life is treating you well.  Fancy a quickie (not every bodies cup of tea) I am here for you., I love to look good for my clients and I am sure they appreciate that.


Bearskin or Shag pile?

Hello friends companions and fans hope all is well and you are enjoying life having fun, if not visit  me I know how to have fun,  we only live once as they say so enjoy every chance you can!

I awoke this morning made my coffee and glanced at my bearskin rug,  a rug I have lain on many times in my Bare skin. I thought I need a new rug so off I went to the carpet shop all glamed up of course (might get a good discount).


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