Kitty Collins


Kitty Collins Britol Escort

Fishy Business

Hi all you lovers and fish lovers and in my experience there are many Hope you are playing safe.

I enjoy seeing my friends when I can and I have a certain amount who like the smell of an unwashed woman.


Have your car and eat it

Hi guys and Gals hope you are staying safe. what does the saying actually mean, in my way of thinking and was told, it means you cannot have your wife or equivalent and mistress or mistresses (you will need a lot of energy and lies)!!  



Snowballing: Forming balls out of snow to be thrown at your friends in fun, or enemies in anger. There is a naughty meaning to this snowballing but you will have to visit me to find out !!


Not Again

Who cares about resolutions. Happy New Year it is that time again you sexy devils hows it hanging after all the festivities Christmas and New Year. I am almost glad it is over and we can all get back to Normality, whatever that means to you.


Here is to a sexy 2021

Happy New Year to all you randy ravers lets have a cracking 2021 I will be available for fun and frolics to end this festive season so look out !!


It’s all over now

Merry Christmas hope you had a good one and stayed safe!! I love Christmas but it is all over in a couple of days. I will still be here for you for all special times and more


Toasty Willies

Hi lovely clients It’s the season to be merry have fun be naughty although it should be like that most of the time and most of the time it is.


Christmas Balls

Hi there my lovely fans, it will soon be upon us hope you have got out your shiny Baubles give them a quick polish and hang them somewhere (the Christmas tree). I know it is stressful this time of year but there are always places to visit. For some FUN and here I am.


Plugs of a different kind

Last Christmas I had some nice gifts (thank you). For some reason some one went to the trouble of wrapping a rather large fetish type Butt Plug up. Presume it is meant to be used on one of you (my clients) I shall put it on my shelf until the culprit/owner lets me know when he feels the need for it!!


Turned on and Tantalised

Hi Guys want to be turned on well here I am I like to tantalise and when I turn a man on before “the DO” in the right way, it not only feels good and your body is also more receptive and your orgasm more intense. This is what I do and I am are very good at it so come on down lie back and be tantalised.


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